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a m a n d a s u m n e r

I started this business on my own by accident almost 10 years ago. I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 14 years and have a salon in sylvester with four of the best hairdressers you'll ever meet. I do hair and weddings all day every day and love every second! I have a hubby of 10 years...we just built a house on my parents farm in worth county, and are obsessed with our dogs. No kids, but I've got to start thinking about maybe doing that...Cole works for an energy automation/efficiency company and is an amazing drummer and do-it-all person. We truly are living the dream.
I'm also surrounded with wedding vendors and I'm a walking wedding encyclopedia, so my girls get all the insider info...and me or my fellow hairdressers can make you look amazing! Weddings are my full time job, and I shoot around 40 every year. I can shoot a canon manually with my eyes closed. Whether it's me or someone else, make sure your wedding photos are in the hands of someone experienced. Happy wedding planning!